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8 Things Moms of Big Families Will Understand

by Sarah Lyons

After the birth of our triplets two years ago, we went from a family of five to a family of eight overnight. It was a big adjustment for everyone, but we have settled into a comfortable routine. It is evident that there are parts of my daily life that only other mothers of large families will truly understand.

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1. The housework never ends.

Lots of people means lots of stuff. School papers, shoes, dirty clothes, dishes, and toys can quickly take over the entire house. Large families manage housework by sharing chores, keeping up on daily tasks, and changing their perspective on what “clean” means. In a large family, you clean for the allotted amount of time and move on to the next thing on your to-do list. Within minutes, the house is usually “messy” again, anyway.

2. You get a lot of attention in public.

Large families aren’t as common in 2016 as they were at the start of 20th century, so when a large family goes out in public they attract attention. This comes in the form of anything from open mouth stares to probing questions like, “Are you done?” or “Are they all yours?” While some people are critical, others appreciate seeing a big family out enjoying time together.

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3. Life becomes really loud.

When I explain to people that our family is loud, I don’t think they fully understand what this means. The noise in our home is not only loud but constant. Someone is always talking, singing, playing, arguing, listening to music, or watching TV. Often, these happen at the same time. In order to be heard over each other, the kids talk louder and sometimes at the same time. It is literally never quiet. A mom of many knows that if she hears silence, the kids are most likely up to no good.

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