Creative Child

Becoming Light Reflectors

by Rebecca Eanes

Think about this. The people in our lives who look past our faults and see our beauty, the ones who still see the light in us during the times we feel only darkness, those are the people who save us from the depths of blackness. Those are the ones who help us see our own beauty and light again.

We all need that person - someone who reflects our light back at us so we can see it, too. That's what a parent should be. That’s what it means to become light reflectors. We should always seek to see our child’s light, to hold it sacred, and to show it to them when they need a glimpse.

When we keep showing them their light, they’ll always be able to find their way. My friend and New York Times Best Selling Author, Rachel Macy Stafford, speaks beautifully on keeping protective hands around their inner light.

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