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Capturing the Right Moment in Your Kid's Life During Summer

by Jenna Gleason

We all look for that picture perfect moment in life. When the sun is hitting your child's face just at the right spot to where you can't see the food stains on their shirt. But in the summertime when the sun is out more than ever and the flowers are blooming, it’s not just the sun's light you want to capture. It's your kids photos you took of them doing these incredible things. 


Samantha is running home from the school bus stop with the biggest smile she's had on her face since you gave her ice-cream for dessert last night. It was the last day of school and she was ready to kick off her first day of summer vacation.

This is a moment you want to capture. 

Why you ask? It’s her last summer being 10 years old; her last day leaving school as a 5th grader. That’s a memory you want to keep because she will never walk through that door again being an elementary school student. Moments like this are what you want to capture during summer, special memories that will never happen again. When you hear the pitter pattering of her footsteps running up to the front door, get your camera out and ready to snap that moment when you realize your little girl is growing up faster than you expected. 

Month one of summer, you're getting ready to finally take that beach vacation you've been planning. Make sure to pack your camera because there are lots of moments to be captured. But don't snap a photo of every single minute you’re there...pick out the special ones.

Take a picture of the first time their feet feel the sand. Get the picture of your kids running toward the beach, full of so much excitement they forget their beach bags and the sunscreen session with mom. Capture the expression on your child’s face when they realize the water is cold to a crisp and they bolt out of the water screaming with delight!

Record the moments that can be frozen in time with a photo.

The first time your daughter finds seaweed and asks you what it is. Capture her thoughts and inquisitive expressions, even the tears running down her face if she’s scared.

Take those pictures of when you start to feel the blistering heat and the kids are knocked out on the beach towel. Then at the end of the day, make sure that you take a picture of the accomplishments of your first beach adventure; sandcastles, kids photos, water moats and sea shell collections included.

And what’s a day at the beach without a picture of your kids sleeping in the car ride home with "red kisses from the sun" on their noses and cheeks. It has been a successful trip and you now have the memories that will last forever.

During month two of summer there will be more moments to look for while hanging with your kids. Birthday parties, days spent at the swimming pool, Family BBQ's, and the 4th of July celebration will all offer many photo ops. These are all special moments, some more than others definitely, but they're all worth the button you click in order to freeze a memory in time forever.

Capture the first time your son slides down a waterslide and gets water up his nose. How fun would it be to show your daughter the first time she tried BBQ chicken and found out her first favorite meal! Snap that pic when you see your son swinging on the swing set with a girl he will soon call his first love.

Don’t forget the days spent at home too. Record the memories your family makes at craft days you've planned out for when you don't have an outing or the rainy day movie marathon, complete with popcorn bowls and candy boxes. This month was crazy, but filled with excitement and adventures, and now you have photo proof of all the experiences you and your kids had.

For month three, the summer is winding down and the hectic times arrive. Back to school prep is about to begin again. Your kids are not so happy, but you definitely can't wait for that break when you have the house to yourself for the first time in three months. Capture those final moments of summer before your children go back to the familiar routine of homework and afterschool activities.


What photos can you take to explain all of it, summarizing your whole summer of fun? Try these ideas!

Idea 1: Make a Chalkboard Photo:

On a small chalkboard, record of all the things your kids have accomplished this summer. Include their feet hitting the sand for the first time, the water up their nose, the taste of BBQ still lingering on their tongues and anything else that describes your summer.

Then Have Samantha dressed for her first day of school with her backpack on and snap a photo in front of the chalkboard with the date on it, Summer of 2016. Now that’s a way to capture the picture perfect moment when you realize, it was a great summer one of many more to come.

Idea 2: Make a Photo Collage:

Pick out some of your favorite pictures from this summer and make a collage starting on the first day of summer. Maybe label some of the pictures and where you were what you were doing and possibly the date in which the photo occured. Snap a final photo of the summer with the whole family included and put it in the scrapbook for years to come!

Idea 3: For Our Tech Savvy Moms Out There - Try Creating a Slideshow or PowerPoint to put on a DVD.

This is a long lasting video that can bring tears to the eyes of the generations to come. All it takes is the Powerpoint app or any other app that can create a movie out of photos! It’s a long process the first time around but once you find out what to do it can become a tradition so the families to come.

Want tips on taking better kids photos? Check out Better Family Photos in Seven Easy Tweaks!

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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