Creative Child

Creating a Nurturing Environment Where Children Thrive

by Rebecca Eanes

Children have been compared to flowers often as the similarities are evident – they are beautiful, they are unique, they require tender, loving care, and they each bloom in their own time. Often we focus on changing our child rather than changing their environment, but changing the environment has a big impact on how our children grow. If we consciously tend to our gardens, our flowers will blossom.

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The Physical Environment

1. A cluttered home is a chaotic, restless home. While it is often hard to keep a tidy house when small children occupy it, it is helpful to try to keep the clutter to a minimum. Physical clutter overloads a child’s senses and can lead to feelings of stress. A tidy, clutter free home will be more calm and soothing to all who abide there.

2. Your home’s décor can have a big impact. Fresh flowers on the table, light-hearted wall hangings or beautiful art all add to the positive feeling of your home.

3. Pleasant scents lift moods. Did you know that the human sense of smell can identify thousands of aromas and is 10,000 times more precise than our sense of taste? Find what scents energize your children and what scents soothe them.

4. Create a truly child-friendly environment. Provide toys and activities that children can reach without the help of an adult. Put as much on their level (within their reach) as you are comfortable with, including healthy snacks, books, puzzles and games, cups/plates/utensils, etc. Provide a mirror at your child’s level. Have stools available at sinks.

5. Let the sunshine in! Open shades and windows. Research has proven that natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer.

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