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Summertime inevitably means kids in sandboxes, a childhood pastime with a proven track record as beneficial developmental play. But not all sand sold in stores and found in sandboxes is safe for children. Much of the sand sold in hardware and landscape stores is derived from crushed quartz rock and contains crystalline silica dust, a known carcinogen and cause of a fatal lung condition called silicosis.*  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) warn against inhaling crystalline silica dust for workers, indicating the use of protective clothing and masks during occupational exposure. Safe Sand Company warns teachers and parents to avoid regular exposure to crystalline silica dust.

The Safe Sand Company was founded to provide an alternative to unsafe children's playsand. The State of California requires a cancer and health risk warning label on playsand containing crystalline silica. That is because most of the bagged sand found in today's stores is not natural sand, but actually derived from quarried quartz rocks. The dust from such sand is regulated by OSHA and known to cause cancer and fatal lung conditions. To learn more about the risks from regular exposure to crystalline silica, get informed on our information page at or visit for the most recent research results. The Safe Sand Company is dedicated to the purpose of informing the public about healthful sandplay and distributing a safe, non-hazardous playsand for children, parents, child care professionals and educators everywhere. Please tell a friend!


Trusted by parents and institutions, Safe Sand Company’s experience and reputation is based on years of successfully delivering tons of sand each year to homes, schools, parks and industrial buyers. Trust Safe Sand Company to find and deliver safety-tested sand for your playground, sandbox, sand table, sand trays, volleyball courts, surfacing, and more! Be sure that your sand choice is free of lead, asbestos and crystalline silica dust!

Safe Sand Company delivers safety-tested playsand without cancer-causing crystalline silica dust. Any quantity from 25-pound boxes to 21-ton truckloads can be delivered to your site with a three-week lead time. Check our website to read our Child Product Safety Certificate and Material Data Safety Sheet.


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