Creative Child

Discipline Through Play

by Rebecca Eanes


Discipline doesn't mean to punish. The root word, disciple, means to teach. Rather than focusing on busting bad behavior, it is more effective to teach what is acceptable. There are many ways to teach a child, and I have found that teaching through play has a big impact.

We are aware that play is vital to childhood. Children learn openly through play. Their brains are engaged, receptive, and absorbing everything. Play offers a wonderful opportunity to not only connect with your child, but to teach valuable lessons.


Here are some ideas to teach through play:


Card and board games are fantastic ways to teach children patience, manners, and fair play. Take it one step further by creating your own game. Create a manners game by using two shoe boxes (a good manners box and a bad manners box) and several laminated stars. On the stars, write good manners such as â

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