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Dolly Peg Worry Dolls

by Maggy Woodley


Follow these simple steps to make these adorable dolls!

1. Prepare your lolly stick by breaking it in half. Get it as “half" as possible, so both arms are the same length.

2. Tie your first colour around the waist of your doll and start wrapping your wool UP towards the head.

Worry Dolls Steps 1-3

3. Most peg dolls have a slant just under the head – aline your broken craft stick pieces and hold in place. If you wish you can glue them in place first.

5. Time for a colour change – simply cut your first colour and knot to the second colour. Then start wrapping! Hide your knot and knot ends by wrapping over them. Change colours as often as you like.

4. Secure in place by wrapping your wool tightly around the craft sticks all the way up the neck. Then work the wool back down again – under the arms and back to the waist.

Worry Dolls Steps 4-6

6. When you get to the bottom of your doll, cut your wool and carefully make a little knot by looping it in itself. Then tuck any excess wool between the legs.

7. Add a little face and hair using pens. As these dolls have their origins in Guatemala we like to give them black hair, but you can choose!
 Worry Dolls Steps 7-8

In addition, or instead of drawing hair, you can add some woolly hair by gluing strands in place!

Your Worry Dolls are now finished and can be put to good use at bedtime! SLEEP WELL!

Make more crafts like these Pom Pom Dolly Peg Fairies by visiting our friends at Red Ted Art!

Maggy Woodley is the author of the hugely popular book Red Ted Art which contains 60 crafts for all age groups. She lives in the UK with her family and loves to craft and do "arty" things. In addition to creating crafts for her blog, she spends much of her time uploading crafts to her YouTube Channel and Pinterest Page

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