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Emotionally Healthy Moms: 10 Ways to Feel Better

by Rebecca Eanes

Our emotional health is just as important as physical and mental health, yet it’s not talked about nearly as often. Having better emotional health means we have a greater resilience to stress, more energy, a positive outlook, more confidence, and deeper relationships. According to licensed psychologist Juli Fraga, PsyD, emotional health “focuses on being in tune with our emotions, vulnerability, and authenticity.” It doesn’t mean that we are always free from negative emotions but rather that we are able to manage the ups and downs of motherhood and daily life.


Emotional health isn’t only important for our own well-being. Of course, our children are affected as well. Dr. William Sears says, “In the early years, a child’s concept of self is so intimately tied up with the mother’s concept of herself that a sort of mutual self-worth building goes on.” He goes on to state that children translate your unhappiness with yourself to mean unhappiness with them, and as they get older, they can begin to feel responsible for your feelings. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it highlights the importance of taking responsibility for our own feelings and healing. 


Here are 10 simple ways to improve your emotional health today:

  1. Find a hobby you enjoy. It’s difficult to find time for hobbies with little ones in tow. You barely have time for a shower, much less a scrapbooking session. I get it! It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive - you just need to find an activity that you can be present in and enjoy, even if for a short amount of time. What did you used to love to do but haven’t done in a while? Is there a new interest you’d like to pursue?
  2. Connect with friends. One of the biggest threats to our emotional health, in my opinion, is isolation. Too often, we try to go it alone, and this usually leads to suffering. Today, we often “connect” on social media with a quick comment or like and think we’ve been social! We’ve got to get face to face with our friends more, or at the very least, an old-fashioned phone call to hear one another’s voices. 
  3. Move your body. My emotional health improved substantially when I began a daily yoga practice. The key is find something you enjoy that doesn’t feel like drudgery! Just a short daily walk in the fresh air will do you so much good.
  4. Work on managing your own emotions. Where are they coming from? What triggers them? Where do you feel them in your body? What calms you down? Finding the answers to these questions will put you on the path to better emotional wellbeing.
  5. Assess your core beliefs. Become aware of the beliefs you are carrying around about yourself, how they influence your actions, and how they are serving you. It may be time to clear some out and create new ones!
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