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Five Positive Lessons to Teach Kids During Quarantine

by Rebecca Eanes

Social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine - whatever you’re calling it, it means that you’re spending lots of time together with your kids at home. While this has certainly presented some challenges, it’s good to always look for the silver linings. When the pandemic is over and life gets back to something resembling normalcy, our children will have emerged with these five positive and important lessons if we take time now to cultivate positivity.


Hope and positivity in the face of a tough situation. This is one of the most important lessons there is in life, and it’s up to parents to push aside our fears and anxiety and model hope and positivity now. We all face difficult times in life, and knowing how to navigate those times while holding onto hope is what keeps us afloat. There is much we can do to keep hope alive in ourselves, such as cultivating optimism, practicing gratitude, doing random acts of kindness, taking time for self-care, and finding silver linings. To teach this lesson to your child, practice these skills together each day. Keep a gratitude journal, do acts of kindness together, and take time to get outside into nature or do something fun. Keep your words and tone positive and hopeful so that the vibe of your home remains nurturing to all.


It’s okay not to know the outcome. We have no idea when this pandemic will end or when we’ll be able to gather again for a concert with friends. And that’s okay, because not knowing the outcome forces us to find joy and happiness in the moment. None of us can truly ever know what tomorrow will bring, and so it’s good to learn to take life one day at a time and to find the good where you are each day. Teach this important lesson by cultivating mindfulness so that your child will see you living in the present moment and enjoying it. Talk with them about the importance of taking each day as it comes because all that truly matters is the moment we are in.

We must focus on what we can control. We can’t control this virus. We can’t control other people’s actions. We can’t control CDC guidelines or when restrictions will lift. There is much we cannot control in this pandemic or in life, so it doesn’t benefit us to focus on those things or to be upset about them. We can, however, control our own attitudes and actions, and that’s where our focus should be. Doing this will help you and your children cope with uncertainty because it empowers you to take control of your own reality. Teach this lesson by creating a new routine or schedule during quarantine that gives you some stability and structure. Set limits on screen time or on watching the news - anything you find to be toxic to your mindset.

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