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15 Frog Games for Kids

Happy Frog Jumping Day!
by Jenna Gleason


6. Rrrribbit! Make a frog game and craft in one activity! It's a fun frog craft your kids can do and play with after! The point of the game is to catch the fly in the frog's mouth! How fun!

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7. Learn a frog's life cycle and how it becomes a frog here! It's a great learning activity for your kids to do.

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8. Frog jigsaw puzzle!

Learn great memory and interaction skills in trying to put together an online puzzle of a frog! 

Play The Game Here!


9. Does your kid love to draw? Well this is the creative activity for them! Learn how to draw a frog for National Frog Jumping Day and then personalize it after!

Learn How to Draw It Here!


10. Frog & Pond Habitat Sensory Bin!

Have hours of imaginative play with your kids in this frog game.

Learn More About It Here! 

11. Sticky Tongue Frog Game!

Have your child catch flies with their sticky tongue with velcro! How smart is this?

Learn More About It Here!

12. Use logic to get the frogs on the opposite side of the lake in this frog game for your brain. 

Play the Logical Frog Game Here!


13. Jungle Frog Slime!

Perfect for Frog Jumping Day, this slime promotes imaginative play will help build your child's creative side.

Find The Recipe Here! 

14. Eat ice-cream the fun way with Dreyer’s Mint Brownie Frog Ice-cream!

Check Out The Recipe Here!


15. Play this interactive lily pads frog game with your kid's!

Check Out How To Play It Here!


Here are 10 ways to spark your child's imagination!

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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