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How to Create a Family Mission Statement

(And Why You Should)
by Rebecca Eanes

If you were going to build a house, you wouldn’t just grab a bunch of random materials and start throwing them together without a plan. You would need a blueprint.

A family mission statement is the blueprint for how you want to build the family of your dreams. Devising this blueprint will set your family on a course to achieve the vision that you hold. It serves to define your family’s morals, beliefs, values, and goals. More than a list of idealistic goals, a good family mission statement includes detailed action plans to help everyone succeed.

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A good family mission statement:

  • Defines your family culture.
  • Gives your family a shared identity.
  • Is a teaching tool to use in times of correction and discipline because it serves as a code of conduct.
  • Outlines your goals and values.
  • Motivates family members.
  • Gives everyone in the family a voice.
  • Builds solidarity.
  • Encourages family members to evaluate their beliefs and goals.
  • Includes detailed action plans.
  • Is the beginning of your family legacy.

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