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How to: Dads Also Benefit from Self-Care

by Rebecca Eanes

Last night as I finally crashed (quite literally) into my bed, I realized that I was so physically and mentally exhausted because I hadn’t been taking good care of myself. Again! One of my kids has had a stubborn illness, and I’d spent the last two days driving hours to doctor’s appointments. Prior to that I was caught up in caring for him and just getting through the work – homework – pack lunches – bath – read bustle of the ordinary day and I haven’t written in my journal or read a devotional for a couple of weeks. It happens, I know, but it does take its toll and reminds me to calm down, slow down, and take the time I need to recharge. However, my husband came and crashed into bed shortly after I did, and the thought struck me – I never hear about self-care for dads. Surely men need to nourish their bodies, minds, and souls as well.


Self-care and self-respect go hand-in-hand. It’s not about putting yourself above all others, but rather it’s simply not neglecting yourself and your needs. In other words, you matter too! We always say you can’t pour from an empty cup, and the same is true for dads. All of the duties and responsibilities involved in being a husband and father leave little time for hard-working men to take time to properly care for themselves, and dads, like moms, often sacrifice sleep, exercise, nutrition, and hobbies for their families. Here are some easy ways for dads to recharge.

  1. Visit a barber shop and get pampered a little. The few months ago, I visited a salon/barber shop for a cut and color. A man came in and sat in the barber’s chair next to me. He received a haircut and a shave, and then he laid back with a warm towel on his face and I thought how nice that must feel. He was dressed in business attire, and it was probably his lunch break. I bet he went back to the office feeling refreshed. Yes, men deserve to be pampered! Schedule an appointment to get spruced up a bit and see how much better you feel afterward.
  1. Get your heart really pumping! I realize finding time to exercise is no easy task, but get creative. Take the family to the local park and jog with your wife while your kids swing and ride their bikes. Sometimes my husband and I do a kickboxing DVD together in our living room while the kids do homework. Play tag with the kids for a little while! That’ll work up a sweat!
  1. Don’t neglect your hobbies. What did you love to do before you became crushed under the weight of a million responsibilities? What feeds your soul? All work and no play makes Jack a sad dad! That’s not the actual proverb, but it’s still true. Remember the man you are underneath the responsibilities and nurture him!
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