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How to Prepare for a Pandemic School Year

by Deborah Song

The widespread cases of coronavirus in the U.S. has many large school districts beginning the school year entirely online, which has parents frazzled. Working parents who must show up to work physically are scrambling to find childcare, while others, mostly moms, are forced not to return to work altogether. Parents fortunate enough to work from home must continue the impossible juggle of trying to work and homeschool simultaneously. And parents all across the board are faced with the challenge of filling gaping educational, physical and social holes that online schooling leaves behind.


But the alternative doesn’t look so appealing either. Parents whose children will be returning to school in the fall must contend with sending their children into a protected war zone. While the safety measures are well-intentioned, that doesn’t guarantee protection from a virulent virus. No matter which way you slice and dice it, parents are facing formidable challenges as they enter the new school year.

Nevertheless, challenging times often breed innovation. And many parents have already begun seeking enterprising solutions. Here are some tips to help you navigate and prepare for a pandemic school year.



Some cities are less precarious than others. If your child’s school is reopening this fall, you’ll need to make some crucial choices and make smart preparations. 

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