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by Deborah Song


5. Anger. You may feel angry when somebody treated you unfairly or hurt you - or when someone you love has been hurt. And since there are situations where you should feel angry, like when someone hits your sister, anger is not a bad emotion. In fact, anger can be the right emotion to have. But grownups have a hard time labeling this emotion because anger is not an accepted emotion in our culture. Anger is maybe the toughest emotion to handle. The best way to manage anger is to talk about what is bothering you. It’s okay to say you are angry. It’s even better to say you’re angry without yelling.

6. Sadness. There are many reasons why someone can be sad. Many times sadness is the feeling that’s left when all the energy out of anger has gone away. We feel sad when something doesn’t go our way, when we’ve lost or miss someone or when somebody has hurt us. It’s okay to be sad. But we need to know how to deal with it. An important question to ask when we feel sad is what happened to make us sad?  It’s also important to tell a grownup you trust about how you feel so they can help you. Sadness is not something you should try to handle on your own.

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