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Is Your Child an Actor?

Thinking of acting class for your child? Consider these 4 questions.

If you're thinking to yourself, "I wonder if my child would like to learn the art of acting?", then you might want to try scheduling them in an acting class in your hometown. Many children's theaters that can be found locally in your city will offer classes in acting for children of all ages. Many of these classes are very affordable and nurturing to you child's creative development.

Many parents have found that children's acting classes have been very helpful in teaching their child to overcome shyness. Some children will even gain self-confindence throughout the process.

So, if acting is something you would like to introduce to your child you may want to consider these 4 questions before enrolling:

1. Is the environment supporting and encouraging for my child?

The last thing you want is an acting teacher that forgets that are there to support your child and instead can put your child in an uncomfortable position that will embarras them. That would pretty much guarantee they will never want to try acting again.

2. Is the environment professional so my child is given correct and helpful teaching?

A good acting school or acting coach will usually have a strong professional background. They would also be strongly recommended by other parents that have taken their classes.

3. Does the acting class create JOY in my child's life?

Let's face it, kids can either love the "world of pretend" or they could be enormously embarrased. If they don't like it after a few weeks you may want to discontinue classes until they are a little older. Not waiting may cause your child to never give acting another chance.

4. Finally and maybe most importantly, does my child really want to do this?

This is a tough one for parents. After spending the money to get them into a class you may find out that they really don't like it after only one session. Try to encourage your child to keep trying because they may actually start to like it. If they really don't like it after about 3 weeks refer to number 3.

Remember that your child can benefit from the right children's acting class as long as they really enjoy it and they grow in the acting process. Parents need to remember they are kids. There is plenty of time to win an Oscar when they get older.

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