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Is Your Child Ready to stay Home Alone?

by Sarah Lyons

Giving kids the responsibility to stay home alone can be a positive and confidence building experience, a rite of passage. Every parent will reach the point where they are faced with the decision whether their child is ready to stay home alone. How do you know they are ready? Children must have the skills and maturity to handle being on their own safely.

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There is no magical age that determines a child is ready to be home alone but kids who are ready show the following signs:

  • Desires to stay home alone and is not fearful being alone in the home
  • Exhibits good decision making
  • Shows that he is aware of others and his surroundings
  • Proves herself to be responsible and trustworthy
  • Knows home address and phone number as well as how to get in touch with parents
  • Can make a snack for themselves
  • Knows how to use a phone, call a neighbor for help, and dial 911
  • Follows simple rules and instructions
  • Knows basic first aid

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