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Jenny and the Cookie Monster

A Children's Bedtime Story

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As Jenny described the monster, she and her mother molded him with their ingredients.

They both had fun.

When they were done, they had a huge cookie monster with a purple face, long green hair, red eyes and a big mouth with only three teeth!

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This was the biggest, ugliest cookie monster anyone had ever seen.

“Now let’s put him in the oven to bake,” her mother said.

When this was done, her mother took him out and put him on a plate.

“Now, we are going to eat our cookie monster,” her mother said.

“Eat the monster?”

“Yes, because if you eat the cookie monster, he’ll never trouble you again.”

“He won’t?”

“No,” said her mom. “If you eat him, he will no longer be there.”

That was true. So she and her mom bit into the big chocolate chip cookie monster. It was crunchy and delicious.

Jenny felt very good eating it all up. She did not feel afraid of the cookie monster at all.

And guess what? From that night on, Jenny did not see or hear any more monsters in her room.

The End.

May your rooms be monster-free tonight and every night! We hope you enjoyed this children's bedtime story and come back for more! If your little ones are still afraid of the dark after this children's bedtime story, try these 6 tips to make bedtime less spooky.

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