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Just a mom

by Tabitha Yates


Motherhood is not just a job, it is a calling. However, if it were a job, it is estimated that full time Mom’s work an average of 98 hours a week… NINETY-EIGHT HOURS! We must love these little munchkins a whole lot to devote that much time to their happiness, safety and overall well-being. Who else do you know that pours that much of their lives into developing the hearts and minds of the next generation? The next time you find yourself saying, “Oh, I don’t work. I’m JUST a Mom.” Do me a favor and change the rhetoric surrounding full time parenthood. Tell them you are a teacher, a baby whisperer, a life coach, a smile maker, a world changer.


Give yourself some credit, Mama. You are giving your kids an amazing childhood. You are the one creating memories that they will look back on with love and fondness and tell THEIR children about. You are the one doing the hard things- the late-night talks, the dreaded math homework, making them eat their vegetables, wiping away their tears, kissing their cuts and scrapes and helping them believe in the beauty and magic of the world around them. You are where their story begins. You raise them kind. You make them brave. You teach them well. You are “just” simply amazing, Mom!

Tabitha Yates is a Writer, Blogger, Wife and Mother to 3 beautiful children. She is a content coordinator for a local magazine, where she resides in Southern Arizona. She has been published by The Today Show, Love What Matter, The Mighty and many more.
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