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Kids Activities: Make Your Own Magical Fairy Garden

by Erin J. Bernard

Decorate Your Fairy Garden

Now for the fun bit! A fairy garden can be decorated with any objects your child finds special or meaningful. Agates, fool’s gold, shells, and other colorful natural baubles your child has collected on trips and hikes all look fantastic, and pathways and other landscaping can be created from glass pebbles, sticks or sand.

A few pieces of sturdy dollhouse furniture (think chairs, benches, and tiny trellises) add a touch of tiny realism, and small statues and animal or fairy figurines may also find a perfect home nestled among the miniature flora and fauna. Pictured below is an example created by Katie Kautz Dill, using a miniature bird bath!

 Kids Activities Fairy Garden

Photo Credit: Katie Kautz Dill; fairy garden created by Katie Kautz Dill.


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