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17 Leprechaun and Rainbow Crafts for St. Patty's Day!

by Jenna Gleason


8. Paper Plate Hats

Celebrate the right way with these adorable hats for your kids! This doubles a craft for kids and a decoration for your St. Patrick's Day Party! Click Here For More Details!

9. Minty shamrock M&M popcorn!

YUM! How about this delicious snack!? Click Here For More Details! 

10. Finger paint the rainbow with your kids!

This is a cute and easy craft to keep your kids having fun this St. Patty's Day! See It On Pinterest Here!

11. End of the rainbow twirler!

For some good family fun, and a great backyard decoration, have your kids try making this craft this holiday! See It On Pinterest Here! 

12. Luck of the Irish Rainbow Bucket of Gold

Kids will enjoy making this craft with their hand print!  See It On Pinterest Here!

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13. St. Patty's Wind Catcher

This wind catcher can be made with just a few recycled materials! Make some fun family memories with this cute and easy project. Click Here For More Details!

14. Foot print painting!

Using hands or your baby's feet, this adorable little project for you and your kids becomes a keepsake for the 17th of March and beyond! Click Here For More Details!

15. Leprechaun Puppet

This is not only a cool project for your kids to enjoy, but can also be used in a fun puppet show for the grandparents! Click Here For More Details!

16. Rainbow Chain Necklace

This craft can also be a homemade party favor children will have fun making! Click Here For More Details! 

17. Rainbow Cupcakes

A delicious treat to celebrate the luck of the Irish! See The Recipe On Pinterest Here!

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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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