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Let Them Be Little

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW

Lately, whether I’m scrolling my Instagram news feed or reading articles that pop up on Facebook, I find myself faced with the same phrase relating to raising children:

Let them be little.

Of course, on first glance, you likely think to yourself, “Of course I’m letting him or her or them, , be little! They are little, that’s how they’re treated!”

But if you think about it, how often are we little our children just be, without making them fall victim to the ins and outs of our overly scheduled, over-packed days?

I’ll use myself as an example. As a  business owner and very busy mom, I find that most of my days are way too segmented and routine. A typical week day in my world goes a little something like this:

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Rush to get out of the house

School drop-off

Work, work, work.

School pick-up

Play date, appointment, dinner time.

Bath, books, bed.

With no time for anything else.

I know this sounds like your home, too.

And then the weekend comes, where things are a little more laid back. Less of a schedule to follow, less of a routine to abide by. That’s when I realize life feels better. My daughter, my sweet, innocent, desperate to play and learn and climb, seems, happier.

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