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An ongoing study aims to shed light on cell phone use and childhood brain development.
by Erin J. Bernard


By measuring more precisely just how much radiofrequency cell phones emit and by carefully monitoring the development of cognitive functions, SCAMP researchers hope to gather better information for guiding families when it comes to cell-phone use.

Study participants will provide information about phone habits, well being, and lifestyle. This self-reported data will be supplemented with computerized assessments that measure cognitive functions like attention and memory.

The study closes in 2017. In the meantime, moderation is probably wise when it comes to your kids' mobile habits.

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In a statement released by Imperial College London, study co-investigator Paul Elliot said that while there is no cause for parental panic, the jury is still definitely out on the safety of cell phones: "Scientific evidence available to date is reassuring and shows no association between exposure to radiofrequency waves from mobile phone use and brain cancer in adults in the short term (less than 10 years of use). But the evidence available regarding long term heavy use and children's use is limited and less clear."

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Erin J. Bernard is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer from Portland, Oregon. Before becoming a writer, Erin worked as a nanny and an ESL classroom teacher. She taught English at a Montessori school in Mexico and then ran an after-school language program in South Korea. Erin is the editor of the parenting guide, “Instructions Not Included: A Pediatrician’s Prescription for Raising the Best Kids on the Block,” written by Irwin H. Berkowitz, MD.

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