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Here are 3 great products for your child's safety from Mommy I'm Here.


This child location device is easy to use and teddy bear shaped receiver can be easily mounted on your child's shoes or belt. Parents simply press the button on the keychain remote and it will automatically set off an audible alarm  from the teddy bear receiver, allowing you to locate your child from approximately 150 feet away. It also attracts attention to the situation your child may be facing and alerts other adults who can assist.


This model includes all of the same features as the CL-103, with an added distance alert that will actually beep when your child wanders about 30 feet from your keychain remote!

The parent's keychain transmitter will emit a series of chirps, alerting you that your child has wandered away. Parents are then able to press the button to set off the alarm on your child’s teddy bear receiver. As a bonus safety feature, your keychain transmitter will continue to chirp until you are within close distance to your child.

The new Teddy Tag Bluetooth Smart Child Locator is also award winning and has received several reviews from parents and child safety experts. Bluetooth powered and complete with downloadable app for iPhone and Android.


If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, quickly pull down on the little alarm and it will release a 96db piercing alarm that will attract attention to your situation. It also has a bright LED that is easily visible by others at night time and can be used by a child if they become lost.

Be sure to take a look at the accessories, such as the Bear Coats protective covers, and the fun colors for the locators that fit your child's style.

For more visit Mommy I'm Here Child Locators at

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