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Monster Felt Puppets

by Marie LeBaron

Of course, during the Halloween holiday, it’s fun to dress up and decorate with spooky creatures. But monsters are fun all of the time! We’re crafting these “monsterific” felt puppets to help give a scare.

 Supplies for Monster Felt Puppets:

- Felt sheets
- Scissors
- Glue or hot glue (adults only)
- Googly eyes
- Pom poms

Monster Puppets Supplies


1. Fold your felt sheet in half.

Cut a large shape out of the folded felt to create 2 of the same shape for the monster’s body. You can use a template for the shape or draw it free hand.

2. Glue the 2 pieces together, leaving the bottom open to place your hand for the puppet.

**Using hot glue is best – for adult use only.

3. Glue on the monster’s features any way you’d like.

Be creative. You can add googly eyes, pom poms, more felt pieces, etc.

4. Once your glue is dry, slip your puppet onto your hand and it’s ready for a play!

Have fun creating cute and crazy monster felt puppets!

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Marie LeBaron is the founder and managing editor of the popular parenting blog Make and Takes, and author of the book Make and Takes for Kids. She’s a mother of 3 living in Seattle. There’s always some sort of project going on in her home, her kitchen table is often cluttered with crafts. When she’s not crafting and creating with her kids, she loves to read, crochet, and blog!

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