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Paper Plate Dream Catcher

by Jenna Gleason

These dream catchers are perfect for this new year! Make them with your kids as a craft and use them as tools to get over nightmares. They could be decoration or anything else you can think of. You're never too young to have resolutions for the new year. Make nightmares go away, dream of all the places you want to go and enjoy making this amazing, simple and inexpensive craft!




1 Paper Plate


Single Hole Puncher


  1. With scissors, cut out the inner circle indented in your plain paper plate.
  2. Figure out what you want it to say and what color it should be. Next paint and decorate your plate!
  3. Punch 8-10 holes in the inner ring after your plate is dry. Also punch 4-6 holes at the bottom of your plate about 2 in apart.
  4. Cut out a long piece of yarn so you have enough to go through all 8 or 10 of the holes you made in the circle. Next pull the yarn through each hole while crossing the yarn over to the opposing hole punch in the circle. You should get a star-ish shape after.

Tip: If you want to use more than one color in the center just hole punch a hole next to each hole you’ve already punched through. Then repeat the process of pulling the yarn through and crossing over to the opposite hole punch.

  1. After that cut out different lengthed yarn pieces out of any colors you have. Tie one end of a piece of yarn to one of the holes at the bottom of the plate. Do this for each piece of yarn.
  2. Once that is done, simply trim to the look you want and then glue feathers, tie beads and decorate the strands of yarn.
  3. Flip the plate over a yarn loop or hook to hang it somewhere. Then fall asleep and dream away!

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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