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Recipes to Cook With Your Toddler

by Brittany Ferrell

Toddlers are notoriously fussy eaters. Either they refuse to eat nothing except Goldfish crackers or they refuse to eat anything, period. If you’ve found yourself in this all too common situation, try out these toddler-approved recipes to make cooking and eating fun for your fussy eater.

Scrambled Eggs a la Madeline


1 Egg per person

½ Tablespoon water/milk per egg

Mix-Ins of your fussy eater’s choice (cut up meat, veggies, and most likely cheese!)

Butter/olive oil to coat pan

Salt and pepper



Whisk and Spatula

Measuring Spoons



1. Wash hands! Gather all of your groceries and tools. This is the time to ask your fussy eaters which items he/she would like to include. I usually present two options at a time. For example, spinach or ham.

2. Demonstrate how to crack the eggs into a bowl and then let your fussy eater give it a try. If any shells get in, use another shell piece to scoop them out. Add your mix-ins and allow your toddler to whisk, whisk, whisk.

3. Meanwhile, heat your butter or olive oil in a pan over medium/low heat. If you feel comfortable, ask your toddler to stand on a stool and dump the egg mixture and stir using the spatula at a safe distance. I usually stand behind my daughter, so I can control where the spatula goes while still allowing her to do the work. Or you can stir and allow your fussy eater to add in the salt and pepper.

4. When the eggs are cooked through (pale yellow in color and fluffy), remove from pan and serve on plates. Enjoy!

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