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Snow White and the Seven Times I Wished to Keep You Little

by Brittany Ferrell


Wish #2 To Keep You Little: The Day You Were Born

I thought I was ready for my little one’s arrival. I thought I had everything planned out, but it just goes by so fast. No matter how many hours you push or whether you require surgery, before you know it this perfect, tiny bundle is placed in your arms and you beg for time to stop. As you breathe in that sweet baby smell and kiss every one of your baby’s perfect features, go ahead and stop time.

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Kick everyone out of your room. That’s right, everyone. Mama and Dada should each take their own 1:1 time to perform their own finger and toe inspection, make their own promises, and cry their own tears of fear, relief, and joy. Instead of taking a picture of this moment, lock it up in your heart for safe keeping.

Wish #3 To Keep You Little: Right Before You Started Walking

I have a friend who was so anxious for his daughter to start walking. He was giddy with excitement and literally could not wait for those first steps. My daughter is a few months older and I tried to tell him to savor this time and not to wish his time away. As I chase after my daughter, who only briefly walked before she ran, I like to say, “Remember when you were a blob?” She was a cute blob, but a blob. If I gently laid her down, she would stay there.

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Oh, those were the days! The best way to preserve this time is to get out your camera! This will be probably the only time in your child’s young life where you can snap as many photos as your heart desires. Soon your child will develop ants in their pants and all of your photos will be one giant blur.

Wish #4 To Keep You Little: When I Held You In My Arms to Feed You

I spent a great deal of time researching and fretting over whether or not I would be able to breastfeed. I had my share of troubles at the beginning, but once my daughter and I got into our groove, nursing really did become the most natural thing in the world. I take a certain amount of pride in knowing that my body was able to produce the perfect nutrition for my baby.

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Even if you never nursed or you are the dad, there is something about holding your baby while you feed him. You revel in the closeness and listening to their contented little sighs. As your child grows, holding while feeding becomes impossible and meal time results in abstract art being painted upon your floor.

However, you can still make feeding a close, bonding experience. You can bring your child with you to the grocery and ask him or her to help picking out the groceries. You can ask your child to help you prepare meals and bestow them with their very own bowl and mixing spoon. Your child may not pass out after a meal after getting “milk drunk”, but you can still make memories centered around good food and time together as a family.

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