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Surviving Holiday Season as a Single Parent

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW


2. Keep a journal

No, not a “Dear Diary.” The last thing any of us needs is more time alone with the sad feelings. I’m talking about a gratitude log. When things are feeling particularly tough for me throughout this process, I take a few minutes each morning to jot down a few things I am grateful for in a journal that I keep next to my bed. On any given day, I find myself repeating the same things over and over again:

I am grateful for my loving and hilarious daughter, my supportive family, my amazing friends, coffee, wine, Netflix.” 

Sometimes all you need to do is remind yourself of how lucky you are, despite the major shift in your marital status, to be able to get through the day – even a day as intense as Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve. You may need to do this each time you see a cheesy holiday commercial where a husband is presenting his overly-excited wife with a heart-shaped necklace, or when your kids ask why Daddy isn’t coming over for holiday dinner, or every day until the start of the new year. Whatever, be grateful for what you have, and you’ll start letting go of the sadness.

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3. Make peace with your ex

Yes, you read that right. The day my soon-to-be ex-husband and I sucked up our anger for one another, focused solely on the well-being of our daughter, and even went so far as to go pumpkin picking, together, was the day I realized there is no benefit in hanging on to anger, at least not when there are kids involved. I realize that your ex-spouse may have done something hurtful or gut-wrenching to change your world. And that you’d rather rip out your fingernails than to have to pretend like you’re not so angry your head feels like exploding in a hundred different ways every single day. Or maybe it was you who dropped the bomb that blew up your marriage. Whatever. Point being is that pointing fingers at this point, is useless. Your marriage may be over, but your ability to co-exist for the greater good of your children will always be there. Suck it up, put a smile on, and dare I say it, invite your ex over to open presents together on Christmas morning – all to see the smiles on your kids’ faces. It may be the most important thing you do this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, my fellow single parents – you’ve got this covered, I promise.

A writer, entrepreneur, radio host, and powerful motivational speaker – Michelle Dempsey, owner and founder of Michelle Dempsey, Very Well-Written, has one goal in mind: empowering women from all walks of life with her incredible personal life story of overcoming adversity and using the lessons learned to achieve success. Internationally published and known for her ability to connect with readers on a deeper level, Michelle has successfully united her passion for business and writing and developed a thriving career, offering writing and editing services, business coaching, branding expertise, and content marketing to business of all kinds.

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