Creative Child

The Importance of Art and Creativity in Children

by Jayne Black

One of the greatest skills a person can have in life is to be creative. It is important to start nurturing creativity at a young age. I enjoy providing children with opportunities to be creative with what I like to say, “no rules”. I meet hundreds of children every year and I ask them, "Do you like art class in school?". They often answer, "No, my teacher only wants me to do things her way. There are too many rules and I never get to do the art project my way. Yes, I know this is not the case for all kids and art classes “with rules” definitely has its purpose for children. I just find it very interesting that our children are wanting to be so creative so badly because they already have their own ideas. They want to own that process at and they want to own it at such a young age. Can you see the intelligence in that?


Why is doing art their own way so important? The process of creativity is an amazing process to witness. Simply provide a child with an example of a piece of art to create, and the art supplies, and then only offer help along the way if they ask or if they get stuck. You get to be the audience watching this incredible process at work.

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun!

Offering a child a chance to be creative gives a child a chance to feel in control of the project. They follow their own vision of what they want and they get the reward of knowing they created it. It builds self-esteem. As a person with dyslexia, and a mother to a child with dyslexia, projects like these were our saving grace.


Art is therapy and changes lives!

Even at a very young age the above statement is true. Never underestimate the healing ability of art in a child's life. Having a child draw a picture of what is bothering them is a tactic psychologists have been using for a very long time. It gives the child a chance to talk without having to use words. I have seen art being used powerfully to bring healing for grieving children. Art gives children a voice. It is words on a canvas no matter how small or big the problem.

Nurture Creativity & Art

Provide opportunities for your children to be creative. There are many events in your communities. Check out events being held at children's museums, libraries, and community centers. Many of these events are free – you do not always have to pay for creativity! Keep a container of art supplies at your home for your children. Fill it with art supplies and then use Google or Pinterest to find art projects for children. There is a world out there of amazing things you can do with your children. The most important element is to allow them to be the master of their masterpiece - you are merely the audience watching it happen (and assisting if needed). Their masterpiece will come out the way they want it because they created it. It is theirs and what they are learning during the process will make them more effective in school and life.

Jayne Black

President of

Ambassador for

Mrs. Alabama Earth @mrsalabamaearth

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