Creative Child

The Ways Kids Make You Lucky

by Rebecca Eanes

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and the stores are filled with shamrocks, leprechauns, and “luck o’ the Irish” apparel. It got me thinking, I don’t need the luck of the Irish. My kids make me lucky every day.

How lucky am I to have carried you so close to my heart for so many months? With each passing week, you developed a little more, grew a little bigger, and became a bigger piece of me than I could have imagined. When at last you were born, you brought a piece of my heart out into this world with you, and you will carry it always. After feeling you kick and squirm for months, I witnessed your debut and heard you cry for the first time, all gargled as you cleared your lungs. How lucky am I that you were placed in my arms? You looked up at me like you had chosen me long ago and were finally home.

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How lucky am I to have spent countless hours holding you close as I rocked and whispered my love to you? Sure, the nights were sometimes long, and my eyes were often heavy with sleep, but when would I ever get to hold pure love in my arms again, tucked so neatly in a blanket of blue? Your warm, soft body fit just right for such a short while, and I am so lucky to have experienced those days.

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