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Valentine's Day Gifts that Speak Your Child's Love Language

by Rebecca Eanes

Valentine’s Day is all about the language of love, but did you know that your child has a specific love language? Based on the work of Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell, there are 5 love languages – physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service. We can use this knowledge to choose Valentine’s Day gifts for our children that truly speak to their hearts.

First, determine your child’s love language. You can have your child take a quiz at Once you know, use this guide to choose the perfect gift for your little love.

Physical Touch

1. For an older child, consider gifting a massage or a day at the spa to be pampered.

2. Give the gift of a soothing, relaxing bath. Fill a basket with bubble bath, bath fizz, and candles.

3. Gift a coupon book for hugs, kisses, and snuggles to be redeemed any time!

4. Buy your child a book, and promise to read it together every night while cozied up together.

5. Purchase a touch-oriented gift like a soft pillow, sweater, or blanket.

Tip: Always shower this child with affection!


Words of Affirmation

1. Buy a chalkboard and write “What I Love About You” as the heading and list as many as you can think of or will fit. Hang in their room and string lights around it.

2. Plan a scavenger hunt with notes that tell your child the reasons you appreciate him or her. At the end, place a physical gift like a teddy bear or a box of candy.

3. Write your child a poem and have it framed.

4. Create a booklet called “You are Special to Me Because…” and fill the pages with kindness.

5. Leave love notes all over their room! On the walls, shelves, mirror, pillow.

Tip: Say encouraging words to this child every day.


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