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Why I Let My Daughter Get Her Hands Dirty

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW

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My daughter has barely entered the toddler years, but since the moment she opened her eyes and realized where she was – she’s been curious.

Curious to the point of exhaustion and awe, on my part.

Now that she’s mobile, independent, and growing more inquisitive by the day, I’ve realized I have two choices here: I can either turn up the anxiety, strap a helmet on her head, and chase her around with a tub full of antibacterial hand gel – or I can chill. Relax. And by relax, I mean, let the girl play, get dirty, fall down and scrap her knee, and learn a thing or two from all of it. 

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All too often, I encounter the mom who is so intent on keeping her child in the “bubble” that I find her driving herself nuts to prevent the inevitable. Keeping your child out of crowded shopping malls, less than pristine ball-pits, and far away from play dates with kids who attend day care may help a bit to keep the germs away – for now – but it won’t be long before your child is in school or at a birthday party where, heaven forbid, these germs get the best of them.

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