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Why Parents Should Play with Their Kids

As parents, we often ask our kids to entertain themselves while we work on other tasks. While learning to play independently is important, children love playing with others, especially their parents. They crave time with their parents and since play comes naturally to them, it is a great opportunity to get to know your child better and teach new skills authentically. When parents make a point to play with their kids on their level they will experience many benefits for both the parent and child involved.

Playing promotes bonding

Children build relationships through time spent interacting and playing with others. When parents play with their kids it gives them an opportunity to see things from their perspective, use pretend play to explore their environment, build problem solving skills, and have fun together. When children play with their parents they learn to trust them, how interact with others, and how healthy competition works.We all build relationships and bonds when we spend time together. What relationship is more important the one of parent and child?


Playing is fun

Playing comes easily to children, but somewhere along the way we forget how to play with a prescribed set of rules and why we enjoyed it in the first place. When parents give themselves permission to let go of their to-do list for a few moments and just focus on the fun that comes with playing, they have time to enjoy their kids, laugh with them, and show them their lighter side.


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