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Baby Nari

For mothers, carrying your child is something so natural yet there are times when your arms just hurt too much and you're at a loss as to what to do. That's when the Baby Hip Hugger can be of a big help.

First, it's much less bulkier than your traditional baby carrier so it's easier to take with you everywhere. It's also very easy to use so you can put it on just about anywhere!
Second, the child has the freedom to see outward while in the safety of their mother's arms, so they're content and are able to learn about the world securely and comfortably. 
The Baby Hip Hugger relieves our arms while supporting our children so we, here at Baby Nari, hope this product can be of a big help to all the mothers out there. 

"The Baby Hip Hugger" supports the child's rear and enables a mother to naturally carry and keep the child close while balancing the child's weight between the mother's arm and hip. It's portable and one-size fits all so it can be used easily by mother, fathers, grandmothers and babysitters alike. 

The more you use "Baby Hip Hugger", the more it forms to your body and relieves the pressure off of your body. In no time, the "Baby Hip Hugger" will become daily necessity!
For all those mothers and even fathers that just can't get enough of their child, I hope the "Baby Hip Hugger" allows you to spend more quality time holding and loving your beautiful child.

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