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Babybellyband by Cabea, LLC


Babybellyband Maternity Support Wear by Cabea a must have for all pregnancies. A Unique Patented Design Provides Support for All Pregnancy Discomforts a woman may encounter along the pregnancy journey.

Babybelly ABDOMINAL Band with Add-on SHOULDER AND GROIN BANDS (ALL SOLD SEPARATELY) Velcro® together to provide Comfort, Support and Immediate Pain Relief to Abdominal, Back, Hip or Pelvic floor discomfort.


The Abdominal Band is sleek, easy to adorn, very soft and Velcro adjustable. Included is an optional Add-on Belly Booster made of supportive, soft elastic to increase lift and support for those who need an extra boost.


Add-On Compression Groin Bands are perfect for women experiencing pelvic floor pain during pregnancy. Velcro attachable to the abdominal band, groin bands are super soft, and can be independently placed according to wearers pain area relieving discomfort caused by vulvar varicosities, pubic symphysis, hernia, or prolapses.


Add-On Babybelly Shoulder bands provide even greater abdominal and back support by significantly increase abdominal lift to relieve back pain. Superb for twin pregnancy, Goddesses or Exercising During Pregnancy.

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