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Dinosnores Sleepy Stories Help Kids Sleep

Is your mummy-and-daddy-time being seriously compromised by the one-who-doesn't sleep? Reclaim your nights, thanks to Dinosnores' award-winning sleepy stories. Dinosnores create wonderful audio CDs designed to help children calm down and relax, ready for sleep. Each story takes children on an imaginative journey through a world of sleepy little creatures (and a few snoozy big ones too). Using guided relaxation and visualization techniques, Dinosnores Sleepy Stories help children focus on slowing their breathing, and relaxing their bodies.

Speech Pathologist and Dinosnores creator, Sherene Alfreds says: “We have designed our stories to be fun and engaging for children, to build children’s listening skills and vocabulary, and to teach good sleep habits. More and more research is showing the importance of good bedtime routines for children’s health and learning, and Dinosnores Sleepy Stories help make bedtime easy for both children and parents."

Dinosnores Sleepy Stories are different from other bedtime stories:

  • each story CD runs for a full hour, helping to make sure children stay settled after falling asleep
  • calming natural soundscapes evoke an imaginary world, as well as masking distracting household noise
  • the stories have been produced by child language development experts to build language and listening skills

Each Dinosnores Sleepy Story teaches children all sorts of facts about the natural world - forests, mountains, clouds and the ocean. They also emphasize family, friends, security and helping, while providing children with powerful role models.

Dinosnores Sleepy Stories are used by childcare centres, recommended by psychologists, and loved by children and parents.

Dinosnores offer nine sleepy stories to appeal to every child and age: from newborns and toddlers, through to pre-school and school aged kids. These include our Creative Child Award winners: Mermaid sleepy story (CD of the Year), Dragon sleepy story (Seal of Excellence) and Tyrannosaurus sleepy story (Seal of Excellence).

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