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At EZ1Z we strive to make life a little easier for moms and dads with our easy to use baby clothing line. Each of our products has a clever little back opening, which makes for quick and easy diaper changes on the go. The EZ1Z design team considers that parents may want one outfit for all day use without looking like an under garment and that is why we use the cutest patterns and softest fabric available to complete our line. Our protected design allows for parents to easily check for diaper change needs through the back opening, which eliminates the need for you to take off layers of clothing just to check if there is “junk in the trunk”. If your baby is consistently auditioning for “The Thunder From Down Under” and taking their diapers off, then consider our EZ1Z product as it will ensure your babies diaper stays on at all times as our product is “Streaking Proof”. Through the years that we have been making our product we have had comments the EZ1Z products are great for babies with "high sensory challenges" such as babies with Autism. In addition, the fact that our product has no hardware in it has also been found to be suitable for parents that have disabilities and battle with closing snaps and zippers. Our product is proudly made in California USA.

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