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Focus: Comfort LLC

Focus: Comfort LLC

Melinda G™ Nursing Bras proudly introduces its sister company –
Focus: Comfort LLC – and the Cezara™ Belly Support Panty, a revolutionary support panty for pre- and post-Cesarean moms, larger moms, moms carrying multiples, and any mom who wants an extra helping of tender support and comfort.  Moms can’t stop raving about how comfortable Cezara™ is!

Conceived by an OB/GYN and designed by a mom, this panty is for mom’s comfort!  Although especially designed for moms who have had Cesarean deliveries, any mom will love Cezara™’s tender belly and back support.

C-section moms will find relief from the discomfort caused by their bellies pressing against their scars.  Cezara™ cushions and compresses the scar to protect it during pregnancy and facilitate healing after delivery.

Cezara™ can be worn over, or as, mom’s favorite panty -- many moms even sleep in Cezara™!  The panty easily adjusts with Velcro® to mom’s changing shape during pregnancy and after delivery.  Nothing but soft cotton/spandex and ultra-soft leg elastic touches her body, as Cezara™ tenderly cradles her tummy and protects her scar.
It is the only supportive panty mom will need.

Moms tell us that wearing Cezara™ makes those crucial first days after delivery much more comfortable. They also report less bumping and greater comfort while carrying baby in a sling!

Wear the Cezara™ belly support panty:
• Throughout pregnancy, starting as early as 33 weeks.
• After Cesarean delivery as soon as medical approval is granted.
• Post-partum for as long as mom wishes.
• During a new pregnancy following Cesarean; the internal pad protects the scar.
• Anytime gentle belly support is desired.

Cezara™ has very special features:
• Soft internal pad compresses and protects tender Cesarean scar tissue.
• Integrated adjustable support band lifts mom's belly away from her scar, relieving pressure, minimizing under-the-belly moisture to reduce chafing and help the scar heal.
• Support band provides welcome back support.
• Can be worn on its own or over a favorite panty.
• Easily adjusts to physical changes during pregnancy and after delivery--the only supportive panty mom will need!
• Nothing but soft, supportive cotton/spandex and ultra-soft leg elastic touches mom as Cezara™ tenderly cradles her tummy, protects her scar and keeps her comfortable.
• A two-band version is available for the mom who is larger, carrying multiples, or wants extra support.
• Cezara™ is sized the same as a regular panty, small through 5-X — no guessing or buying up — one panty size will fit throughout mom’s pregnancy and post-delivery recovery.

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