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GooseWaddle LLC

GooseWaddle LLC

It’s creating quite a following. 
Recipient of the babyMaternity Retailer 2014 Top Choice Award

GooseWaddle is an extraordinary new line of ultra-high-quality baby blankets that’s become an instant hit with moms nationwide. 

Little wonder why. The product’s softness is unsurpassed. The workmanship is uncompromising. And as a result, GooseWaddle’s rapidly growing fan base has created nonstop buzz about this game-changing entry into the premium-blanket market. (To see what real moms are saying about GooseWaddle, visit GooseWaddle’s Facebook page and press page – where you’ll also catch a glimpse of the leading celebrities who have made GooseWaddle their blanket brand of choice.)

In addition to its grass roots popularity, GooseWaddle has received glowing reviews in numerous well-known parenting blogs and has also received the 2014 babyMaternity Retailer Top Choice Award and the 2014 and 2015 Family Choice Award.  

Meticulously designed and marketed by a North Carolina-based company, GooseWaddle blankets are available in classic pink, blue and white, and in full-size blanket and lovable "blankie" sizes. GooseWaddle even has its own mascot – Baby GooseWaddle, a plush toy that playfully brings the brand to life.  

The creators of GooseWaddle also believe that infants everywhere deserve to be swaddled in soft, soothing comfort. So they’ve created GooseWaddle’s heart-warming “Buy 1, Give 1” campaign. Here’s how it works. For every GooseWaddle blanket that’s sold to consumers, the company donates a receiving blanket to a child in need, via a special partnership with a select group of charities worldwide. 

Consequently, purchasing a GooseWaddle blanket or blanket set makes a dual statement: “I want the finest product on the market for my child and I can take comfort in the fact that, somewhere in the world, another child is benefitting from my choice.”

GooseWaddle is gratifying proof that when a company puts this much care into a product for infants, the smiles – and the success – just naturally follow.  

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