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Grab A Scab, Inc.

Andrea Winarski, founder of Grab A Scab Inc., writes...

Scabs are my practical and entertaining solution to the age old problem of children wearing out their clothing before outgrowing them. Grab A Scab Inc. is the result of having developed such a great solution I wanted to share it.

The inspiration for creating Scabs came from my two young boys who continually ripped open the knees of their pants. I wanted an easy way to mend their clothing. I also wanted something FUN my kids would WANT to wear.

Scabs were created through a lot of experimentation. It took many attempts to create a Scab that would survive twenty cycles of the washing machine and hold up to my boys’ boisterous play. 'Testing' involved having the kids wear hockey pads under the patched pants while sliding up and down the driveway on their knees!

I launched Grab a Scab in June 2010. The immediate reaction to Scabs from kids and parents alike was fantastic! My initial customer feedback allowed me to make improvements to Scabs in size, fabric and design.

In 2012, Grab A Scab Inc. caught the attention of JDNA, which purchased Grab A Scab Inc. and is now bringing Scabs to stores across North America. I continue to work closely with JDNA.

I hope you find Scabs to be a fantastic solution and your children have fun wearing them.

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