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Harpbeat! celebrates the unique combination of harp and percussion instruments to entertain children.  While singing, moving, and laughing with the music, children hear positive messages about themselves and the world we all share.

Harpbeat! brings many exciting aspects of our world to children by featuring foreign and sign languages within the songs. Musical styles and cultures from Australia to Zaire are explored through traditional and original songs.

Harpbeat! concerts offer a dynamic new twist to the stereotypical reputation of harp and drums. Donna brings the magic of music to children of all ages in her highly interactive, approachable, multicultural programs.

Harpbeat! appeals to children ages three to thirteen in small or large groups. Harpbeat! suits the length of its programs to suit your needs.

Harpbeat! was founded upon the conviction that children want to have fun while learning about their world. After all, the most beautiful music is the sound of children's laughter.

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