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Heartland Consumer Products, LLC

Heartland Consumer Products, LLC (formerly Harbro, LLC) was founded in 1999 with a mission to bring innovation and great value to retailers and consumers.  With a focus on playing cards and golf accessories, the company has grown to sell products to retailers around the world—from the best to the biggest.  Our playing card brands, led by Vegas® Brand, have become synonymous with fine craftsmanship at a tremendous price value.

In 2010, Heartland licensed Square Shooters® from the game’s inventor, Carmelyn Calvert.  Together, Carmelyn and Heartland designed the new Square Shooters® game to feature and introduce the dice—and began cataloging many other card games that the dice can reinvent.   Square Shooters® uses patented dice that are specially designed so that players can roll winning hands for poker, rummy, blackjack, war, and many other games.  Square Shooters® is the perfect addition to our family of products!  Playing cards and dice go together in Heartland’s business like love and marriage—why not print the playing cards on the dice!

Products by Heartland Consumer Products, LLC

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