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Heavenly Hug Dolls, LLC

Heavenly Hug Dolls, LLC was founded by Gloria Mecca in 2008. They manufacture 24” soft washable terrycloth Angel comfort dolls. These girl and boy Angels are meant to offer comfort to anyone going through hard times

Heavenly Hug Angels are Angels of Hope. In these uncertain times, they are meant to bring an inspirational message: There is always hope and we are never alone.

Heavenly Hug Angels were created by Gloria Mecca after she lost one of her children tragically. In her deep sorrow, she started to meditate and one day during meditation a clear image of an Angel doll appeared to her. It had long arms with Heavenly Hug written down one arm and Hug You over the heart. She jumped up and drew what she had seen. She bought fabric and worked hard to make a pattern to recreate what she had seen in meditation.

It is the intention of Heavenly Hug Angels to work with Foundations and charitable organizations to distribute Angels to as many needy children and adults as possible. Our goal is Angels around the world. There is so much bad news around us in the media and we believe people need positive inspirations reminding them that they are loved and not alone. Gloria’s son, Gary, chose to leave this world and this Angel is in his memory with the hope that others will not give up on the world being a better place as he did.
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