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materials dubbed “'educational” often seem devoid of fun?


Instead of formulas and worksheets, children get to unlock secrets and solve mysteries. Instead of rote memorization or rules, children become fascinated with character stories, songs, and stats which just happen to reinforce beginning reading skills. Instead of contrived educational text, children embark on adventures in the magical Kingdom of Alpha where they break codes, solve problems, tell stories, perform and pretend. Instead of one learning method for all children, a combination of strategies is utilized that engages the senses and accommodates different learning styles.


Presenting ALPHABOTZ, a multimedia program for children ages 3 and up, designed by a parent and teacher to engage and build confidence in beginning readers by personifying the abstract concept that LETTERS equal SOUNDS, SOUNDS build WORDS, and WORDS tell amazing STORIES. Through a proven combination of teaching strategies including phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, and language experience, a cast of fun, captivating characters provides useful tools for unlocking the secrets to this code adults call reading. Each ALPHABOTZ character represents a sound in the English language, and wears its identifying letter/sound on its chest. These cute, colorful robots have their own special personalities and abilities. Children share adventures with the ALPHABOTZ that incorporate fun, secret formulas for breaking codes, surprises, special needs, humor and love, and just happen to learn about the joy and power of reading along the way.

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