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Illumination Arts Publishing

Illumination Arts publishes inspirational children's books to "inspire the mind, touch the heart, and uplift the spirit." We pride ourselves on producing some of the highest quality children's books around. Each of our award-winning picture books has been brought to life through the thoughtful writing of our authors and the vibrant illustrations of our artists.

At the time Illumination Arts was established in 1987, we intended to specialize in adult metaphysical titles. In 1988, when Chara Curtis and Cynthia Aldrich presented John Thompson with a children's picture book submission, his immediate reaction was so powerful that in December 1989, All I See Is Part of Me became the first in our award-winning collection of inspiring children's books.

Our commitment to children's publishing was reinforced by a letter we received nearly two years later from a family that had been deeply impacted by this book. The family's youngest son had major birth defects and was only six months old when they were given our book by a family friend. The boy's reaction to All I See Is Part of Me was so positive that his parents read the book to him every day for the rest of his life. His parents said that the energy and wisdom in our book had completely shifted the focus of their son's short life, both for him and for themselves. Whenever the challenges of publishing seem too daunting, we remember that letter.

As well as inspiring joy and laughter, our books also promote respect, forgiveness, tolerance and love, helping to create a more enlightened world through inner peace and self-awareness. Through the years, it is gratifying to discover that adult readers are also deeply touched by our children's stories.

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