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JC Toys Group, Inc.

JC Toys Group, Inc. is the proud parent company of a diverse collection of dolls and accessories. We believe in a childhood full of wonderful memories, so we have given extra care to our products in order to design and create long lasting dolls and play items. Each of the product lines highlighted below are designed to bring happiness and joy to children worldwide:

The Dolls by Berenguer collection was created with the serious doll collector in mind. Using exclusive designs we have added extra details that make each collector doll special in its own way.

The Berenguer Boutique specialty play doll collection is made up of a wonderful range of dolls that are an amazing mix of quality design and playability. This collection is perfect for doll enthusiasts who want a lot from their play dolls.

Designed by Berenguer is a symbol for dolls of exceptional quality designed for love, care and play. These fun play items not only make up a complete line of quality dolls and accessories; they also create a special place where children can use their imagination and create a world they love. Wholesome and fun, our play dolls are in a class of their own.

JC Toys Group, Inc., has a long history of doll craftsmanship and design. Our exclusive collection of dolls brings together over 50 years of artistic and sculpting experience and offers you a beautiful and lifelike series of dolls. We only hope to continue designing new and exciting products for the future.

Products by JC Toys Group, Inc.

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