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Kids Fly Safe

Kids Fly Safe CARES® Airplane Safety Harness -The most convenient way for kids to fly safely.

Most parents with small children spend a lot of time worrying about the safety of their little ones. They have child-proofed their entire home, they make sure the kids are securely buckled into their car seat—but what about their well-being when flying? 

When travelling by plane, you’re moving 5 times faster than you would in a car, plus there is the additional risk of turbulence and rough landings. While children over the age of 2 are required to be in their own airline seats, the regular lap belt doesn’t provide the necessary protection for their little bodies. For this reason, the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and even the airlines urge parents to bring along certified child restraints for their children when they fly.

The Kids Fly Safe CARES® Airplane Safety Harness is the only FAA approved harness-type child restraint so parents have peace of mind for the entire flight – taxi, takeoff, turbulence, and landing. 

Kids Fly Safe CARES® Airplane Safety Harness is designed for children who are old enough to be in their own seats, but too small for the seat belt alone to adequately protect them during airplane travel. 

Kids Fly Safe CARES® Airplane Safety Harness is the hassle-free solution for kids 1-5

yearsold, between 22-44 lbs. (10 - 20 kg). CARES® is easy to install and works with the regular airplane lap belt to provide extra upper body support. No need to lug heavy, bulky car seats through the airport, CARES® is compact and weighs less than 1 pound so you can carry it in a pocket or purse. In addition, because the child is comfortably held against the airplane seat back, their little legs can’t reach to kick the seat in front of them.

Parents across the world have discovered why the Kids Fly Safe CARES® Airplane Safety Harness has received national and international recognition by parenting and safety organizations. Learn more at 

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