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Knightweaver Games,LLC

Playing games teaches children everything from analytical skills like spelling, reading, math, and critical thinking, to social skills like collaboration, negotiation, and good sportsmanship. Best of all, such games can teach children these skills while they’re having fun. At Knightweaver Games, we are dedicated to inventing games that tap into a child’s sense of fun to create great learning experiences.

However, games should be interesting for adults as well, so a fun family activity doesn’t become another parenting chore. The ideal game elegantly combines simple tactical play for younger, less experienced players with deep strategic play for more mature players.

Unfortunately, most people only play games they learned as kids, like Monopoly™, Scrabble™, and Risk™ - games that dominated the department store shelves in the 60’s and 70’s. In the last two decades, a rush of spectacular game invention has created a world of wonderful games that most people never explore. To encourage people to venture forth into this world of games, we believe what’s needed are “gateway games” – games whose simplicity harkens back to the golden age of board games, but whose novelty and uniqueness captivates the player’s desire for new gaming experiences.

All Knightweaver Games products were invented with these goals and principles in mind. Dr. Daniel Weaver, the founder and owner, draws upon a lifetime of gaming experience and a decade of exploring game theory and design in introducing the company’s first commercially available games: Patchwork™ and PatchWord™. Both are fun for kids, fascinating for adults, and based on a novel take on the traditional playing card.

Knightweaver Games, LLC was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Boulder, CO. The company’s products are available online at and in a broad array of independent toy stores.

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