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Lake House Creations, LLC

Fun Meal Caper is a classic board game for the whole family. This game promises unique play that engages young children, parents, grandparents, and yes, the babysitters, too! Fast pace and unpredictable play, keeps every player in the game until the very end. Invented by an elementary school teacher, Fun Meal Caper, focuses on higher level thinking strategies, such as problem solving and decision making. This game provides innumerable opportunities for young minds to sort their options and choose the next best move. The game poses moral dilemmas, which give each player the ability to make decisions on how they will deal with their opponents during the game. To top it all off, kids are given the message that it is important to eat their “veggies”! Special orders, trades, good deeds, and taking care of Nana, make it a unique and delightful caper each time you play. It’s the perfect board game for today’s families who want to spend quality time together!

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