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When Choosing a Baby Carrier, Make Sure it is Complete

You have known the líllébaby brand for a decade and seen their baby carriers evolve to superb comfort and functionality. Now líllébaby is introducing the future in baby wearing – the líllébaby COMPLETE.

Hip, Back or Front (Face In or Out)

The líllébaby COMPLETE offers every carrying position, including the forward facing position to give you and your baby the joy of discovering together.

Ergonomic in Every Setting

The unique ergonomic seat adjusts to position your baby correctly in every setting and is the first baby carrier to offer a "spread-squat" leg position in the forward facing setting.

Complete Comfort

High performance padded shoulder pads and belt evenly distribute baby’s weight. The carrier is packed with features like adjustable neck support and hood, and even the chest strap is padded to provide hours of carrying comfort.

Complete Accessories

For those that want more, a complete set of accessories are offered, including stirrups, lumbar support, slip covers and more.

Compare it to any carrier and you will see how it got its name. The future in baby carriers is already here – the líllébaby COMPLETE

COMPLETE Functionality

  • Carrying Positions: FRONT, HIP, BACK Baby Positions: Face IN or OUT
  • Complete Age Range: Newborn to 45lb
  • Leg Positions: "Spread-Squat" and "Infant Fetal"
  • Neck Support: Neck Support and Hood

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